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Healing Mental Illness

  • David Servan Schrieber author of The Instinct to Heal - Curing Depression, Anxiety and Stress Without Drugs and Without Talk Therapy - A New Way of Life

  • Healing Traumatic Stress Disorders with Thought Field Therapy - A Conversation with Robert Bray and Michael Lerner

  • Trauma and the Primitive Brain

  • Men's Development

  • Robert Bly: Reflections on the Men's Movement in America

  • Richard Strozzi Heckler: Embodied Leadership

  • John Welwood: The Power of the Embodied Presence

  • Andrew Harvey: The Sacred Masculine

  • Robert Moore: Facing the Dragon - Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity

  • Romantic Relationships

  • Mars & Venus on a Date with Dr. John Gray

  • Calling In The One: Why Preparing For Love is More Powerful Than Running Out to Try to Find it

  • Freedom from the Past Using EFT Meridian Tapping to Overcome Unconscious Barriers to Love and Attract Your Soulmate Now

  • Getting to "I Do" with Your Soulmate: How to Navigate the Process of Attracting and Creating a Lasting Bond with the Right Person With Dr. Pat Allen

  • Overcoming Guilt and Regret How to Open Your Heart to Love Again and Experience Lasting Bliss In Your Next Relationship with Neale D Walsch

  • Soulmate Manifestation Secrets: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Consciously Attract the Love of Your Life With Arielle Ford

  • Spiritual Partnership: How to Attract Your Divine Other and Experience a Connection Deeper than Any You've Had Before With Michael & Rickie Byars Beckwith

  • The Chemistry of Attraction: Understanding the Science of Your Love Personality Type to Attract Your Soulmate

  • The Keys to Natural and Lasting Attraction: What Every Woman Needs to Know about How to Authentically Attract the Man and Soulmate of Her Dreams

  • The New Relationship Catalyst: How to Release Old Relationship Patterns and Manifest Your Ideal Soulmate and Life Partner with Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks

  • The Shadow of the Single Life: Unblocking Your Inner Barriers and Opening Up to Love

  • Transforming Heartache Into Magnetism: How to Make the Energetic Shift You Need to Attract a New Love

  • Your Soulmate May Not Be Your "Type": Understanding The Difference Between Compromise and Settling and Why This Is Critical to Finding Lasting Love

  • Spiritual Insight

    PLEASE NOTE: The audio recordings presented here do not reflect any allegiance to a specific religious or spiritual path. These recordings are provided because they offer valuable insight for spiritual growth and healing. I have no interest in promoting one spiritual tradition over another, but I do have an interest in promoting good information that supports wisdom and transformation.

  • The Little Way: A Spirituality of Imperfection

  • An enlightening presentation by Franciscan brother, Father Richard Rohr, who shares the insights of St. Therese of Lisieux, which show imperfection as the organizing principle of spiritual reality. Imperfection is the framework inside of which God makes the Godself known and leads us to union.

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